The Maiale Tranquillo®

Bettella’s Maiale Tranquillo® grazes free of the restraints of high-performance, accelerated growth. It is not subjected to fetid overcrowding or deprived of the liberty of fresh air thanks to the possibility of going outside.
The target weight for our pigs is 300 kg, with firm flesh and a sufficient layer of fat. This is attained after two years’ free grazing, selective breeding, quality alimentation as well as sufficient space.
Bettella’s concept was developed during the 1960’s, when the positive effect of the company’s home-grown alimentation on animals was observed. From then on cultivation of dried maize grew apace with the company to become the main fodder of the Maiale Tranquillo®, a brand that understands the wisdom of this philosophy, rejects short-cuts and practises what it preaches.